Can Ladyboys Love One Another?

I never heard about this in Thailand before, but I once read a short notice of a falang ladyboy in an online-magazine who said, that he had seen katoey in Thailand that loved other ladyboys. I am not sure if this is really true.
We are born girls in our hearts an we choosed to live that way. I can not see how somebody chooses to be katoey and become a "gay" ladyboy then.

I am Thai, but I heard from farang contries that their ladyboys sometimes love girls too. So I
am not sure if this might be also possible in Thailand.

It is not that long ago, that I encountered feelings towards another ladyboy. About three or four months ago I stayed at a friends house. She is Katoy, too.
Same as me. In my opinion she is very beautiful, especially when she is all dressed up when we went out together. She is just 23 years old. When we come home at night, we slept in the same bed. She used to sleep just in Boxer shorts. Then her body was completely that of a boy - but a very beautiful one. I am not sure but everytime we lie in bed there was a special mood in the air. We used to sleep always with a least one part of our bodies touching each other.
Sometimes our toes, sometimes our knees. We also would cross our legs. This all happened of course by "accident". I really did not know what I was feeling on that weekend.When we dressed up the next day in the morning the feelings were gone, because we were both girls again. She is still my best friend and whenever we meet
everybody calls us Yin and Yang (because she has darker skin than me) because we are so close.
I never experienced something like that before, because I only love men (which is still true, this incident included). My final conclusion is, that we both
just loved the boyish part of the other one.

Has anybody of you felt like this before?



Thamawat hat gesagt…

Well, I would presume that as being a female, you're not limited to liking males only. So I cannot see how a katoey could not be gay in that sense that she loves another katoey.. I'm sure there are some who do, and good for them! :)

nongduu hat gesagt…

Yes, of course you are right. But I always considered it to be a bit too much to be gay twice ;-)
Thamawat, your comment made me think and I now believe loving other ladyboys might apply for me too at some time.
Thank you very much for your comment. Korb khun maak, ka.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I guess that makes you bi-sexual because you prefer both man and woman.
No matter what is under youre pants(or mini skirt) you are still a woman so feel free to like both.

youre D.