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We spent some time discussing on how this blog should be. Most of us have been blogging already before. Now we wanted to make up a blog together and discussed how it should be. We spent that much effort in the preparations because we wanted to create a nice site, where our future readers really enjoy visiting it.We named our webblog “Phet Ti Saam” or English “The Third Gender”. The reason for this choice is that all of us are Ladyboys, or Katoey as we say in Thai.We are in our Twens and most but not all of us are living in Bangkok. None of us is a native English speaker and we are all but one of us born in Thailand. We will try really, really hard to write proper English. If some blog posts are sometimes not in a good English, please be patient with us. Some of us are going to university, some are already finished and some are already working.Why we are doing this webblogWe have been observing the blogosphere very closely, but we could not find a non-thai blog dealing with the ladyboy topic but only adult blogs. We think that this is very lopsided and also quite degrading, as people like us are more than just sex objects.We also found that there seems to be a huge interest in ladyboys and there are many people writing about us already. For that reason, we thought, that it might be a good idea to talk about ladyboys from a ladyboy’s perspective.What you won’t find in this blogYou will never find porn related material. Of course we don’t deny that the ladyboys are especially in Thailand often related to sexuality, we don’t won’t to stress it more than it is really worth. You will find not to many pictures on this blog for now, but of course we will show you also wht we see in our everyday life. Also we won’t show to much pictures of ourselves, because some of us have really good jobs and might have to fear discrimination when other people find our pics in the internet. But also, some of us don’t care.What you will find in this blogYou will find good-humored articles by young ladyboys with (sometimes a little too much) self esteem. You will find insights that you won’t get if you are not Thai. You will find News, when they are related to ladyboys. We will try to also to show you pictures and videos.What we wish for the future of this blog. We hope that by doing this blog, we can provide enough information about Katoy to make people see, that we are nice people to and neither a danger to somebody nor freaks.We hope for many interested readers and tons of comments.We hope all of our readers will have fun with this blog and enjoy reading our stories.


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patto hat gesagt…

really interesting blog! i found it by chance after reading an article on another blog. keep up the good work!

patto hat gesagt…

p.s. everyone's English is perfect.