Katoey in Cosmetic Shops

Some days ago I already wrote about the workplace "Cosmetic Shop" for ladyboys in Thailand. Nongduu told me that our blog needs some more pics, so I took my camera with me today, wen I went shopping and shot this picture of a ladyboy working in such a shop.

I shot it from this angle, because I wanted to keep her privacy and not show her face to the world without having her permission to do so. The boy in the background is also a very "beautyiful" boy and would be considered as katoey as well.

The company they are working for can be proud to have them as staff, as they belong to the most qualified people for this job available in Thailand. Thai people will recognize it as a good thing that "beauty-experts" are employed by the company. Also, it shows that the corporation is aware of it's diversity managment, which is becoming more and more important in today`s business life.

So, keep on employing us!


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