Ladyboys in Cosemetic Shops

Today I walked in to a Watson Shop in a mall and immediately recognized that two ladyboys working there. Nothing special. But it remineded me that some days ago I surfed the internet and found a website where a western man or woman was writing about, where to find ladyboys in Thailand. It made me smile, because it is the same as the question "where will you find men or women in Thailand?".
The quthor of that article wrote, that you will find always ladyboys in cosemtic shops in the shopping malls, as ladyboys spent their whole life with cosmetics and beaty stuff and that would be the reason hy they are employed there.
I found that a little to much cliché. Of course we are spending some time with make up and beauty products as natural beauty is not always given to every katoey. But I know a lot of ladyboy people who are doing something else than working in the beauty industry. Like the Ladyboy that lifed in the room next door, when I lived at Victory Monument. She was doing a vocational training as electrician - there is not too much lipstick in that business.

But, of course Ladyboys will know about beauty a lot better than anybody else. Most of us have an affinity for make up and beauty since early childhood. Actually, that is when the people arround us will be aware the first time, that we are katoey.

I have been working since the age of 15 in beauty shops in the northeast and in Bangkok. Many women came to get there make up by a katoey before they went to important events where they have to be beautiful.
In rural areas many beauty shops are run by katoey and many of them will employ and give vocational training to younger ladyboys. That way we support each other, which I consider very important, especially if you are special.


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