'Miss' proposed for transsexuals, transvestites

The Gay Political Group of Thailand is to propose allowing both transsexuals and transvestites to use the title Miss to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) today.

from: The Nation (published on August 28, 2007)

"Natee Teerarojjanapongs, the group's president, said he was
concerned about problems that occurred after the law revision that allowed only transsexuals to change their title. "I think physical genders are not as important as those people's minds. The NLA should also allow transvestites to use Miss as their title because their characteristics and lifestyles are now the same as women, which I think is more important to consider," Natee said.
"Besides, this group of people [transvestites] is much larger than transsexuals. Not only transsexual people but also transvestites have faced problems when applying for a job or travelling in foreign countries because authorities do not always check
their physical gender."
The president will also make two other proposals to
the NLA - framing a law that anybody who wants to change sex must be given full
information before they make a decision; and issuing documents confirming
the transsexuals' change of title in order to prevent deception.
Natee said he did not want to see transvestites or gays rushing to change their
sex due to the right to use the title Miss and then being upset after they
have changed their sex. He wanted those people to have a chance to make sure
which gender they actually wanted to be.
He also believed that issuing the document would be useful for checking that those transgenders had been
men to reduce problems when they competed in sports competitions with women or when they married men.
"I agree with allowing transsexuals to use
Miss as their title, but I want the NLA to consider my recommendations. I want to see an efficient solution covering more people," said Natee.
Meanwhile, TG Thailand group leader Yollada
Krerkkong Suanyot said 10 representatives of his group would attend a meeting of
the NLA subcommittee on women's affairs today to discuss the issue.
In addition, an expert from Australia will attend the meeting to provide details of
laws concerning people with various sexual preferences in countries such as the
US, England, Australia and New Zealand.
"We will ask the subcommittee to allow both transsexuals and transvestites with female characteristics to use
Miss, but only the ones who request, not all of them," Yollada added.
Transgenders and transvestites wanting to use Miss should be examined
physically, mentally and socially before being given permission, he said.
Yollada said his group wanted only their current personal documents - ID
card, passport and driving licence - to be changed."

Right now I am not sure if author Wannapa Phetdee is really sure about the meaning of transvestite and transsexual. Actually quite scary for a journalist living in Thailand. I guess she referrs to katoey that want to have their sex reassigned surgically as transsexuals and to all others as transvestites. Of course this ic completely wrong by the meaning of these words. Transvestites just dress up as women for fun or sexual stimulation. Ladyboys or katoey will mostly be transsexuals by western measures, as we are women every day 24/7.

I hope the law will pass as soon as possible and will include as many people as possible.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

What has been the verdict of this legislation? Did it pass?

Nong Duu hat gesagt…

think this will take some time. As far as I know there is no such possibility yet. I dont know anybody from my friends who has a "Nangsao" (means "Miss" in Thai) on her ID-Card.
But I hope it will be like that soon