New Thai constitution brings more rights to Ladyboys

I am glad that I can write the first blog post of our new „Phet Ti Saam“-weblog on a happy issue, as the people of Thailand voted for the new constitution.You can think of the constitution the way you want, but I think it is in some perspectives a pretty modern one, especially when it comes to the status of us ladyboys.Until now we suffered from the fact, that even thousands of Katoey in Thailand really take part in society as women, act like women, look like women and already had their sex reassigning surgery, were not allowed to be referred to as Ms.I thought of this always as unfair because what more can a person do to proof that she is a real women.But now the new constitution includes a bill that prohibits gender-related discrimination. With that new law the Kingdom of Thailand gave itself the most modern legislation regarding the Katoey-issue in whole Asia.

Article 30: All personsshall be equal before the law and shall enjoy equal
protection under it. Females and males as well as those with other gender
identities shall enjoyequal rights.
Note: The term "those withother gender identities" allows for equal
protection of homosexuals,transsexuals, transvestites, and so on, but the CDA
noted that it shall not leadto the recognition of these genders as a new and
separate legalclassification.

Link to source at The Nation

We’re also very thankful for the work of Khun Natee Teerarojjanapongs of theThai Political Gay Group.


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