Is it a Ladyboy or not? What does it matter!

“Adam’s apple”, “a longer humerus”, “hands”, etc. I have read about a lot of ways how to check if a person is katoey or not. But I read this only on websites created by foreigners. Very seldom that I read about that in Thai forums, and if you will find it there, then it is in a funny context.
But foreigners (actually only men) seem to make a science out of it, how to know if their encounter is a ladyboy or not. Sure, most of those are interested in sex and don’t want to be fooled by a katoy prostitute. But this applies only to the tourist areas and the red light districts. But what about everyday life and those men who are not only interested in sex…why do they want to know? What will change, if they find out that one is not a born woman?
I guess some of them are just scared that they might feel attracted to woman and find out later, that it was a woman of second kind. Some will feel gay then and will feel ashamed – the so called gay panic. Some may even turn aggressive against the transsexual although it was not her fault.
But listen: If you are a man and you feel attracted to a girl which turns out to be a ladyboy, then this makes you not even a little less heterosexual. Gay people are not into ladyboys, because we are too feminine for them. If you are into women than it is no shame if you talk also nice to a ladyboy and treat her as a female, too.

I had a boyfriend before who loved me a lot and we also shared passionate moments in bed. At that time I was still looking a little like boy. Today he will and can not love me any more because I am too much a girl –although I am physically the same as before. He was just into boys. But Ladyboys are girls.


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