Just beause I’m Kathoey?

Happened to me yesterday: I went out with some friends to relax a little from the job. We went out and had a good night out. There was also a foreigner who was the friend of my friend and he was visiting Bangkok. I have never met him before, so he did not know that I am not a girl but a ladyboy. And my friends did not tell him. For what?
It was nice to talk to him, but I had not been interested in anything further.
After everybody got tired and wanted to go home, we decided to share a taxi as we both had to go to the same direction. In the taxi he started to touch my knee and put his arm around me. He also tried to hold my hand, but I rejected very politely. This was not bothering me too much, but I was not interested in anything.
But he suggested to have another drink at some bar. I should have gone home, as I had to work the next day. But I was in the mood to talk to another foreigner so I agreed. We sat outside and just talked while sipping on our beers. I was in good mood an did not conceal the fact that I am a “woman of second kind” from the Thais around me when I spoke Thai to them. I usually do not care to much if people get to know about my secret. But most people will not know until I tell them. So I could see it from his eyes the moment he realized that he had been talking to a transsexual all the time. You could see change him his behaviour and he became absent and not taking part in our conversation any more. . Then I went for the bathroom. When I came back the foreign man was gone. He never showed up again.
That was not nice. Why did he do that? I was still the same person who he liked to talk to for the last ours. Also my bust, which he kept staring at most of the time was still in place.
I did not flirt with him and he asked me to go to the bar, so why did he treat me like that and leave me all alone at that place in the nightime? Just because I am Kathoey? Why could not he pretend he was tired, say good night and go home. He would never have done this to neither a man nor a born lady. It made me sad until today. But actually, this has not happened to me the first time and all my ladyboy sisters will have the same experience.

Why do people treat us that way?


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Anonym hat gesagt…

I dont understand why he did that, i bet you are a wonderful women to talk to so why he left you alone?
If he would be more open minded he would have never done that.
I like women no matter she has a vagina or a penis, it is the soul what makes you you.