Ladyboy lovers are heterosexual

There is a big misunderstanding about the sexual perference of men lovin ladyboys. Most people with limited knowledge assume that a man who is attracte to ladyboys is gay. But that is untrue. You will find hardly any man who loves feminine katoey and claims himself gay. Most of the men loving us have never had sexual encounters with men before and would never call themselves “gay”.
Gay men can not love ladyboys because –of course –gay men are only into other gay men. But we are girls. A friend of mine, who is gay, said to me some weeks ago, that he would never feel attracted to me being a ladyboy. But when he saw pictures of me being younger and more boyish, he said he would have liked me if I looked that way.

Also, my best friend – she as a ladyboy as me - had a boyfriend some years ago. But he was actually gay. So he asked her to cut her hair short dress and behave more like a man. She did, because she loved him very much, but of course she could never be happy that way. Hey separated. For me this is the best proof, that men, who love katoey, transsexuals, transgender or whatever names you call us are just as heterosexual as men loving born women.

Also, many men are discrimated for loving ladyboys. That is a sad thing, as there is nothing bad in it. It only makes it harder for both ladyboys and men seeking ladyboys to find true love and be happy together.
I wish this would change soon.

But I also hear from farang men, who are not shy about loving katoey any more but actually they are a little proud that they found the one they love. As you can imagine, for transsexuals it is pretty hard to find real love and a nice caring boyfriend.
But times are changing.


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great article. A lot of people must really find this very educatoin about the lives of ladyboys. I also came across to this article ladyboy documentary which is written by a ladyboy lover too.