Ladyboys becoming criminals just for sex surgery? Sure not!

A few days ago I read an article in the queer news section of Phuket Gazette's online edition. The author wrapped the news hat a ladyboy in Samut Prakan had stolen from a temple with everything he knew and all kind of infos about ladyboys. So, the outcome was a weird mixture:

The life of a Thai ladyboy is full of challenges that most members of Thai society could hardly fathom – let alone deal with. On the bureaucratic front, this can be seen from the current debate raging on whether to let those who have undergone “sex reassignment surgery” use the title “Miss” on their ID cards.

Furher on in the text
Earlier this month Aussie ladyboy Stefanie Imbruglia, a first cousin of pop star Natalie Imbruglia, told Sydney’s The Sun-Herald newspaper that she was flying out to Phuket – recognized as a world leader in “sex reassignment surgery” – to take the final step into femininity at a cost of over 534,760 baht.

Then the author came to the initial story of the katoey thief:
With employment options often limited for those of the third sex, one ladyboy in
Bangkok recently turned to crime to raise the funds needed for the surgery.Unlike the rogue ladyboys who prey on foreign tourist through drink-drugging, pickpocketing and other means, this ladyboy targeted temples in and around metropolitan Bangkok.

I think it was rather because that ladyboy is an drug addict an already a criminal than that she really needed the money so bad for surgery. The desire to become complete women is in most of us and everybody who is not drug addict and/or a criminal finds a way to deal with it. Most often it is hard work.

So what do you think?



Thamawat hat gesagt…

I agree with you. People often have a lot of "interesting" reasons to justify what they don't understand.

Victoria hat gesagt…

People are stealing for many reasons. Especially when they drug addicted and/or poor. Just because it ws a ladyboy she would steal to pay for her surgery. Also not all ladyboys really wish to have the full SRS.
Thank you for your comment Thamawat