Ladyboys love Volleyball

You sure read our post about the Satree Lek – Ladyboy volleyball team that won the National Championship. Actually it is nothing unusual to form volleyball teams. In every Thai town you will have the boys play football together in the evenings and the ladyboys play volleyball. This shows one more time that we are really a sex for ourselves. It is not necessary, that just because we are wearing make up and our bodies have gracile shapes we are bad at sports. Maybe the rough sports like football is not fitting very well to us, but volleyball does.
In my town me and my Katoey friends are playing volleyball together every evening. Young and old ladyboys – some have short hair because they are still going to school. Some are very beautiful others not so much. We don’t care.

My friend Bia playing volleyball


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Anne hat gesagt…

This is completely true I am ladyboy and I don't play volleyball but i love watching my ladyboy friends playing volleyball against straight guys hahhaah what is so funny is that ladyboys always win. I found this article Having a ladyboy girlfriend A true story of his love and relationship with a ladyboy. Just like volleyball just hitting the right ball and wait for your turn :)