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Our new webblog is running some days already and we are happy with it. We already got a little feedback, but we wish to have more. Please leave also a comment on our blog, as this makes us quite happy. We found out by Google Analytics that we have a lot of readers in Germany and the United Sites. So, Welcome everbody from the US and Herzlich Willkommen Deutschland.

As we recognized German people are so much interested in the Third Sex in Germany we discussed, if it was useful to have a German langage copy of our Blog for our German readers. Of course we could never do this on our own as it is quite a struggle for us to publish proper English on our weblog, which was not possible if not our sister Victoria and some English friends would help us and edit what we write. We are lucky that, through the help of the author of the German language Webblog Pratu Namo, we got in contact with a german sister named Dork Mai, who declared that she will support us and translate our posts into German language and publish them on our sister blog. She will do this just to help us and she did not ask for money. We are very thankful for this. So, now we also got already a German version of our webblog just three weeks after we started the English language weblog.
Ladyboys are moving fast ;-)

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Carlos Santero hat gesagt…

Best greetings from Germany

Iam the owner of the biggest Site about transsexual callgirls in europe.

But also we make a Print-Magazine about transexuals, with infos all about transexuals and stuff for the Admires of transsexuals.

In our new Magazine we will write about Thailands Katoeys. We would like to get informations about the social stands about the "Girls" in Thailand. Also we would like to get Pictures from Ladyboys in real Life.

If you would like help us, please write to me: webmaster@transgirls.de

If you want an example for the first Magazine, I can send it to you.

best regards
carlos santero