Ladyboys in the center of interest at Carrefour on On Nut

Just yesterday Opal and me came home from a day out shopping at Pratu Naam, where we spend the whole day buying nice clothes and make up - like the clichee expects us to do.
After struggeling the way back to our home with about 100 bags, we found that we were pretty hungry and decided to take a taxi to the Carrefour superstore at On Nut to shop for some more things for our household.
Of course we wanted to try all he stuff we bought that day and dressed up and went to Carrefour. There we were in the middle of all the people just wearing flip-flop shoes and T-shirts - like people usually do when they go to a grocery store. But we were dressed like queens.

Usually, when I go there alone nobody looks at me as everybody thinks I am a real girl. But yesterday in Carrefour it was pretty different, as we draw all the looks on us. I was wondering why. We were just dressed to beautiful for this shopping environment. So we got in the spotlight and then of course everybody started whispering: "puying lue puchai?" - woman or man. Of course we did not care as it was quite funny and we are already very used to situations like that for all of our lives. Also, we knew that people looked at us, because we were looking good, which is quite satisfying.

We did our shopping and had a very tasty dinner at the food court there. And we had fun.


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