Why Ladyboys stick together

I know it is kind of the clicheè about ladyboys, that katoeys will always appear in groups. I thought about this for a while and when I think back of the last evenings when we went out it is true: We were never alone but at least a group of three. I am not sure why it is that way. Maybe it is because kathoey love to have fun (actually everybody does). And you can't deny that you will have more fun if you go out in a bigger group. Also, when you go out alone, than maybe people will look at you and talk about you. It is easier to deal with this, when you have friends around you you can talk with. Then there are many things just special with ladyboys that you can not talk about to to your female friends. Very katoey related stuff. They would not understand. Another point is, that we sometimes have a very rude kind of humour and a little too sexy way of talking. It is fund speaking our katoey dialect with each other.
For some people it might look a little scary to see an assembly of kathoey - but you can be sure (except in red light districts): We are just friends and will not behave impolite in any way. We just went out for having a good time.

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