Ladyboys just wanna have fun

It is often said, that people that are non-heterosexuals were a lot more hedonistic than straight people. Sure, gay people travel and party more and if they do so it is often easy to spot them.

Of course we ladyboys, too love to have fun and go out as often as possible. Then, it is of course easy to spot us as we will not just sit quietly on a table, sipping on a beer once in a while and mind our own business. In fact we like to dance and sing and unfortunately sometimes look a little to deep into our glasses.

I would not say that we are hedonistic or careless. Actually, we have to struggle very hard every day to live the way we chose to live, support our families and be good people. We have to accept that a lot of opportunities in life, that are always open for straight people, will never be accessible for us. Society accepts us being dancers and artists, so when we go out, we take that chance and dance and sing out loud all the stuff that worries us. This has also the benefit that it entertains the people around us.

I have to admit that sometimes we might get a little too noisy or too drunk, but doesn’t this happen to straight girls, too?


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