The Phet Ti Saam Ladyboys at the beauty contest

Everybody knows about the big ladyboy beauty contest „Miss International Queen“ in Pattaya’s Tiffany. But did you know, that around this time of year, there are so many smaller katoey beauty contests all over Thailand? Of course the Phet Ti Saam-Bloggers took part in some of those contests, too, as we sure don’t need to hide and sometimes even win some prize. For us the contest season started already in September at a contest with 28 contestants on the beautiful island of Ko Chang. It was really fun and we met I lot of other ladyboys from Pattaya and Bangkok with who we went on parties during the contest days.

Then, on Loi Krathong day there was another even bigger ladyboy beauty contest in Nong Han in Udon Thani province. While on Ko Chang it had been pretty hot on the stage because of the spotlights, in Nong Han we were almost freezing to death on the stage as I was the cold season in the north. Fotunately, there were some nice women, who gave us hot water to drink and some nice boys supplied us with Lao Khao (Rice Liquor) to get us warm during the breaks.The contest in Nong Han was even nicer, as all the participants got a small cash prize. So everybody was happy. We entertained the audience with our dresses, sexiness, singing and dancing and therefore we got a couple hundred Baht to buy us drinks and party afterwards.
I guess that’s what you call a win-win situation.

We had fun anyway.

Check out our video (we got it finally finished):



CHINOSAKE hat gesagt…

It's very interesting to see the video. The finalists are all beautiful.

But sorry I didn't which one is the blogger.

Nice blog

Anonym hat gesagt…

thank you for the video.

One of the contestants (the one with the blue thai outfit with the breast wrap) has a weird chin. sometimes ladyboys can go over board on surgery, but still very nice

Nong Duu hat gesagt…

Yes, but she did not go over boeard on surgery....She was badly beaten up by a man. So she had to correct her chin which made it look like that in the end.
Sad story.