Jealousy and Ladyboys

Unfortunately, jealousy is very widespreaded amongst ladyboys and a can not say that I myself am not jealous on other ladyboys once in a while.
There are many different ways of being jealous on another ladyboy:

Being jealous on another ladyboys beauty

In one way or the other everything in katoey life is connected to beauty. Most of us try to achieve perfect beauty and there are many ladyboys around who are really close to that. If you are a good looking, feminine transgender you can be sure that many of your sisters are jealous on you. Sometimes even your closest friends.

Being jealous of a ladyboy that has a boyfriend

Of course there are thousands of nice men out there who really LOVE us ladyboys. Still it is very difficult for us to find the right partner or a partner at all. Most of the ladyboys are single although they have a strong desire to be loved by a man and have a partner.
So if one ladyboy is lucky and has a working relationship with a man, then the single ladyboys are really jealous of that. Even more than “real” girls.

Being jealous and a ladyboy that gets together with a man, that you like, too

Not such much to say about this point, as this is the same like with man and women, too. Seeing that somebody gets together with the one you like really hurts.

Being jealous and a ladyboy that gets together with a man, because you like HER
This kind of jealousy is rather rare and only occurs when one ladyboy loves another one. Then the thought that a man is about to secduce the one you love is almost unbearable and will drive you close to crazy. This happened to me already as there is one ladyboy that I really love. (More about that speciality in another post).

And of course there is the jealosy on all women, that got everything we are fighting for so hard throughout our lives for free. But that’s the way it is.

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