Our Ladyboy blog speeds up again

Wow, looks like we did not post for some time. But this will sure change in the next weeks. Because there are so many topics on ladyboy life in Thailand that we did not write about yet – but sure we will, as this blog has been created to talk about every facet of katoey life.
During the last weeks we went through a lot of adventures (in good and bad ways) and we will tell you about that in the next upcoming posts?

We are getting a lot of feedback both for our blog and about our videos that we upload on our channel at YouTube. Thanks for that. Almost all the comments were very encouraging and we good a lot of respect for our blog.

Of course we don’t want to write just about anything that comes in our minds. In fact, we want to meet the interest of our readers. Therefore we would like to know what our dear readers want actually know about. So please give us some suggestions what you want to read in this blog. Just leave a comment to this post or write us an email to nongduu.phettisaam@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you from you all.

Thanks and kisses

The ladyboy blogging team from Phet Ti Saam

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