Pictures from the Ladyboy Beauty Contest on Ko Chang – Part 1

I don`t know myself, why I did not post those photos yet as they are pretty nice and I also have a lot of them. I even have so much that I have to split them on two blog posts. I hope you don’t mind. The beauty contest was a lot of fun. Opal and me started preparing everything already weeks before the event. We went to Bahulat market in Bangkok, where you can buy everything necessary. The jewelry, the dresses and shoes. We had our dresses tailored to order und even worked on them on our own together with the tailor. Most of the other contestants preferred more modern dresses, but Opal insisted on wearing a classic thai dress. A good choice, because that way I won the price for the nicest dress that evening.
Can you spot Opal?

Check out the first part of the pics:

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