Not all Ladyboys are Prostitutes

Sure most of the foreigners meet us ladyboys only in the tourist areas and unfortunately a majority of ladyboys either works as waiters or….as hookers.
But those how are prostitutes are just a very small percentage of all Katoey.
I can not understand why so many people think just because I am a ladyboy I must be a prostitute.
And this perception is not limited only to foreigners. Also Thai people think that way sometimes. For example:
I had to work late during the last weeks so if I wanted to go out I could not leave my room before 10 or 11 p.m. People on the street saw me a couple of times going out late and I could her them talk about me: “She`s a hooker, right.”
This made me feel very sad, as of course I never ever worked in that business. Instead I am a very hard working girl working in a common job like millions of other Thai people.
Also, when I go to a tourist place and just sit down with my friends, I will sometimes be asked by a foreigner how I earn my money. But in a different why than one would usually ask someone for his vocation. I can hear these sounds in between very well.
I don`t have any figures on how many Katoey work in the sex business. I guess there is a higher percentage of Katoey working as prostitutes than Women. This then is because we are excluded from many jobs that men or women could do.


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Thailand Musings hat gesagt…

I think it may be because of the type of tourist you often see in Thailand as well as the reputation that Thailand has gotten. Don't feel bad, it is not just ladyboys that are singled out. Many first time visitors to Thailand think all of the girls are prostitutes. When I go out with my wife we often get the odd glance and you just know what the ignorant farang is thinking.