Getting things straight about castration and sex change surgery for Ladyboys

After reading the reading one of the worst researched articles ever, I think I have to explain some things about the recent ban of cosmetic castration for Thai ladyboys.
The Thai Ministry of Health banned only the castration surgery not the sex reassignment surgery – the so called sex change.
In fact the ministry aimed to ban the backroom surgery during which only the testes are removed. This has been because several doctors conducted that cut on under age ladyboys without their parents knowing.
So there is no „direct defiance” as that pretty bad article by Marianne Kearney says. Also wrong is the statement, that a sex change operation costs in Thailand only “as little as 4,000 baht or £64”.
This is the price for only the castration surgery. The discussion in the foreign media was again – like always when it is related to ladyboys – very confusing. Castration got mixed with the sex reassignment surgery, transvestites became transsexuals and the other way round.
With just a little more web research it is not difficult to write a nice article about the ban. A coverage that is more confusing than providing information and even wrong inb the facts helps nobody – especially not the ladyboys and their doctors in Thailand.


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