No more castrations for teenage ladyboys

It had become like some kind of a trend. Early castration when a ladyboy is still in her teens. Doing so, many ladyboys hope that it will keep their body from developing male features. This may be right, but there are a lot of side effects, that the doctors who conduct these rather small surgeries in their backroom for just 4000 Baht (=120 US$), never talk about. And the young ladyboys don’t know anything about that, too. They just want to have it, because another ladyboy friend had it done and says it`s cool. It`s the kind of peer pressure that teenagers experience whatever gender they are. But when it comes to castration becoming a trend then it`s getting dangerous.
They will age faster than usual, growing taller, but with fragile bones, tend to listlessness and get easily fat. Also they will rather develop depressions.
Most often their parents don`t know, what their will-be-daughters are up to and when they open up after the surgery, the damage is done.
There is he demand fort he surgery and some money to be made. So there will always be an unethical doctor who will conduct the surgery without telling his young katoey patient about the dangers.
Now, the Health Ministry wrote to 16,000 hospitals throughout the country temporarily banning castrations for cosmetic purposes. According to a ministerial committee overseeing hospitals and clinics, boys below the age of 18 have been submitting to the surgery in the mistaken belief that it represents a cheap alternative to a full sex-change operation. The operation takes about 20 minutes and is easy to carry out in secret.
The Gay Political Group of Thailand has campaigned for greater regulation of the industry and an end to the castration of juveniles. “It's a totally wrong perception that castration will make boys more feminine,” its head, Natee Teerarojjanapongs, told the Bangkok Post. “These youngsters should wait until they are mature enough to thoroughly consider the pros and cons of such an operation.”


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