Annoying ladyboy behavior

In this blog we sure don`t want to write lopsided post on ladyboy life just because we are ladyboys ourselves. I think it is time for some self-criticism otherwise we would not be authentic:

For the last couple of weeks I often went out to party with a good friend who is kathoey. I think she is a sweet and pretty reliable person. It is fun going out with her and dance. The little problem is: She makes a living by selling her body. Not that she was a street-hooker. No, definetly not. She picks up her guys in clubs and bars. And there is the dilemma: When I go out to party I do it with the intention of having a fun night out. So does she, but as soon as there is an opportunity to get a man, she will take it. First, I did not recognize that behavior so much, because basically there is nothing bad about flirting and even spend the night with a nice man. But for me it is not a basic necessity. Sometimes I am just standing in a club and chatting with a nice guy, who does not even know that I am a transsexual. We are just having a nice conversation, when my friend suddenly spots us and immediately starts to heavily flirt with him. The problem is that she does it just too much, so everybody around us and the man will know that she is not a real girl and because I am her friend I might be one neither. Sometimes the guy will just turn around and talk to somebody else. Not because we are ladyboys, but just for the reason that my friend showed such an annoying behavior.
Even worse: If that friend is successful and gets of with the guy, she leaves me alone – sometimes even without telling me. But I had wanted to spend the evening without company, I would have come alone and not with a friend. Even worse is that after going to clubs and bars with her, people in the area start to think that I was a hooker, too, which I am certainly not. I already asked her to stop that aggressive flirting, but she just won`t listen. As far as I know she has been in the business for some years already and I can image that it`s almost like a reflex with her. As soon as she sees a chance to get a guy, she will take it.My other ladyboy friends told me last week, that they won`t go out with me if this person comes with us, because she would embarrass them. At first I thought they were overreacting but after some nights I found out that it was true.
But what am I supposed to do now? Is reputation worth more than friendship? I am not quite sure how to deal with that. For the last couple of days I tried to ignore her calls and pretended that I was staying at home. But in the long term that`s not fair.
Should I tell her, that I can not be friend with her because she embarrasses me? That would make her pretty sad. I really don`t know. Any suggestions?


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