Katoey Pride – You`re beautiful

You are beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring you down You are
beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring you down Don't you bring me
down today...
That`s a short, but the most essential part of Christina Aguilera´s song „Beautiful“.
A couple of months ago I read in another blog that the author called for „Ugly Ladyboys“ to stay at home and not show in public. That is a pretty humiliating claim.I have a lot of ladyboy friends who are not exactly beautiful but most of them are the most reliable, honest and true people that I ever met. They are beautiful – much more then many of the ladyboy beauty queens – their beauty is just on the inside.
It is already enough that these girls (yes, they are girls, too) are mocked in Thai language as „Katoey Kwaai“ which means „Buffalo Ladyboys“.
Not everybody of us is gifted by nature but of course everybody tries very hard. Still, some unfortantely never fully succeed.
Then who ist he judge about what is beautiful and what not? Then, what are the criteria for beauty? Is it the size of the tits? The features of the face? The firmness of the ass? Or is it maybe also intellect and trueness?I`d rather call a not so beautiful but smart and real katoey my friend than a beauty with half a dozen of make-up layers that is just as smart as a brick.
If you call for not-beautiful ladyboys to stay out of public, then what about the „real“ girls? There are a lot of them that really hurt one`s eyes.
Last but not least: What about the fat, unshaven farang men, that take a shower at best every other day? Just live and let live- that`s all I am asking for.


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