Ronaldo and his Encounter of the Third Gender

Ronaldo is sure not the only one who had unwillingly a "Third Sex Encounter" but it might have been a record in terms of loss of money because besides loosing his girlfriend he also lost a pretty lucrative advertsing contract. But what is the scandal actually about?
In my opinion it is rather the fact that Ronaldo who is a role model for thousands of soccer youngsters around the world had now been accused of taking drugs and having late night fun with prostitutes.
But this would just make some kind of everyday news. Only the fact that the three hookers were transsexuals makes the story newsworthy.
But in fact just is the only fact that should NOT disturb anybody. Now Ronaldo says: "I am not gay." Sure, he is not, cause if he was he would have picked three men, that look like men, instead of three pretty female brazilian transsexuals. I already wrote a whole post about that topic. But just to make sure everybody gets it right: Men who love ladyboys are not gay!
But back to the brazilian soccer star. It is said that it had been early morning when ROnaldo picked his company for having some fun. I wonder how he could not know that he got some transsexuals, because they sure were not the kind of girl that Ronaldo is used to. Maybe he knew and really wanted to have some fun - in that case he picked the right girls.


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