Additon to Yesterday`s „Ladyboy Toilet“ Post

Yesterday I wrote, that I would travel some time upcountry and visit that Kampang Highschool where they introduced toilets for transsexual students.
Fortunately it looks as if someone already went there and took these shots, that were published in the Pattaya Daily News. I hope our dear readers recognize how close my design of that toilet sign, that I painted yesterday, comes to the real one.



Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice job on the symbol!

Here's the part found amazing:

more than 200 of the school’s 2600 students considered themselves transvestites

And this is in a school with both male and female students, right? And the transvestites are all males (for now, anyway)?

So almost one out of every seven boys at this one small school is a ladyboy, if my math is right. Isn't that an amazingly high number, even for Thailand?

Nong Duu hat gesagt…

If my math is right , that makes 7,7 %. And this does not include the boys who consider themselves as gay. But the percentage is not extraordinarily high if you keep in mind that scientist believe that in Western countries 10 % of the popunlation is lesbian, gay or transgender. I guess that percentage also depends on the schools location. You will find a higher percentage of ladyboys in the north and northeast of thailand than in the country`s south - for cultural reasons.