Ladies and Gentleman: Nueng!

Some months have passed since we last introduced one of our friends to our dear readers. The last time it had been Opal and today it will be Nueng. She is 20 years old but frankly spoken behaves often younger. At the moment she works as a waitress in a guesthouse in Bangkok`s Banglampoo area.
Most often when we go out with other ladyboys she stays at home as she saves her money for a new mobile phone which really is her hobby and it`s almost impossible to hang around with Nueng without having your photo taken with her cellphones camera. If no human beings are in sight she even takes photos of stray dogs in the streets and and would not impress me if someone told me that he had seen Nueng taking a photo of a white wall.Of course she loves her photo to be taken to, which ist the reason why her photos today have been taken with my mobile phone, too.The most incredible feature of Nueng is sure the amount of food she can consume. Although she is pretty slender, she ist the one who doesn`t stop eating when we go out to have ne of those 99 Baht-All-You-Can-Eat dinners.But no matter how much she eats – she never gains a kilo.
Not long ago there had been some kind of crisis with Nueng: A European tourist had fallen in love with her and he took her out for dinner and romantic walks on the riverbanks of Chao Praya River.He had no idea that she was a ladyboy. And Nueng did not tell him, maybe because she enjoyed it so much to be romanced.It had been me who persuaded her to reveal what she really is and who typed the text message to tell that admirer as her English is not so good. I also told her that I believed in that she has to tell the boys what she is, if she senses that someone really fell in love with her. Otherwise the guy would be very heartbroken and the situation might easily become aggressive but at least pretty frustated. That was exactly what happened after her adorer received the message I had written. He was so dissapointed that he packed his bags the same day and left the country. He promised that he would never ever come back to Thailand as this place had broken his heart.I found it a little overacted and the strong reaction made Nueng pretty sad.
It helped a little that I and the other sisters told her that his feelings had not been real because if he really loved her for more than her body and her nice features, he would not have left her just because she is not a born girl but a „women of the second kind“. At least she understood how impotant it is to be honest about herself.Anyway, that intermezzo has left no scars with her. She is as silly as she had been before and whenever I come to visit her at her work she never Stopps hugging and cuddling with me as she is really besotted with me.


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