Ladyboy Massage

Of course that headline sounds a little sexy and even sleazy, but this is what this post is actually about. Getting a traditional massage by a Ladyboy.
Recently I have been trying to work-out at the gym as often as I can during the week to get my body in shape fort he upcoming beauty contest season. And while I am there at the gym I really try to exploit myself. So much that I sometimes can hardly walk the next day.
So I decided to visit a massage parlour and get me a traditional Thai foot massage. This kind of service is pretty cheap in Thailand and especially in the area where I live, there are lots of those salons, which keeps the price for an one-hour-massage pretty low at only 100 Baht (3 Dollars). A foot massage does not only include the feet but also the legs and even your arms, back and neck if you wish. Of course there is nothing sex related in those treatments (as some of the readers might think, when they read the term „Thai-massage“).
Usually customers will get their massage by a member of the opposite sex if the respective staff is available, which means men will get their massage from a woman and women are treated by men. Of course ladyboy customers will get their massage from a man, too.
So when I go to the parlour a man will be assigned to me. But in my opinion some are sometimes to rough and their hands are just too strong, although I know that a good massage that is of use for my aching muscles has to hurt at times.
So the next time I asked to get my massage from a woman. But that felt sometimes a little uncomfortable and tickled.
Then one day I spotted a Ladyboy in the staff and asked to get my massage from her. And that was perfectly right, because a Ladyboy has „the best of both worlds“ (sorry for using a sleazy term again).
Soft hands that just make you feel comfortable but strong enough to really work your muscles when needed. Also she you won`t make you feel uncomfortable if she touches areas where a Ladyboy would feel uncomfortabele if touched by men or women, because she knows about it.
Since then I really became addicted to those massages and now I am not going to the massage because I had been at the gym before but go to the gym because I want to have that massage.
There´s nothing bad about allowing a little comfort in your life, right?


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