Ladies and Gentlemen: Tammy!

It`s time again to introduce on more of my friends to you: Tammy. She is 27 and a preety calm one. She`s laughing a lot and once in a while she comes up with jokes that are so sarcastic that I could never make them up.
Two months ago she has changed her job and now works in a nice guesthouse in the Khao San Road area, where she is doing a pretty good job. No one of the customers treats her differnet, may be because westerners can not tell that she is a Ladyboy or just don`t expect it.
She is more the type for relaxed activities such as long dinners with friends or going to the movies. She is also a good shopping partner and always gives good advice, what to buy.
A couple of weeks ago she broke up with her boyfriend with who she had been together with for some years. You could not tell that she was sad and nobody of the others knew about the end of her long-term relationsship. She just told it to me and I tried my very best to cheer her up again.
Today, she can laugh again.


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Tammy is so sweet...