Where does the hate come from?

A pretty unsettling thin happened to me last Saturday: As I wrote in an earlier post, I joined a volunteer paramedic service in Bangkok. We where called out to famous Khao San Road and found a Ladyboy lying unconsciuos and obviously pretty intoxicated on the sidewalk while her friend – a Ladyboy, too – tried her best to comfort her. I knew them both as we are close friends. There was not much that we could do to help her than waiting until the alcohol left her blood. She never drinks and a couple of sips at a Saeng Som-Cocktail had been enough to knock her out.
We just could cool her forehead with a cool towel and protect her dignity. As I mentioned in that earlier post, nobody in the mostly male staff of our medical team cares whether someone is male, female or a Ladyboy. They were all very caring for that young lady who really must have felt terrible (I talked to her for more than an hour the next day, and she really felt miserable) lying helplessly on the ground.
Than a guy, by his accent obviously British, approached me, looked down on our young Katoey patient and asked me: „Is he alright?“ I replied, that she was not in a good condition but we were taking care of her. He asked me ones more if „he“ was alright emphasizing the male pronoun even more. He kept on doing this until I had enough. Maybe he felt smart, that he regognized my usually very beautiful friend as a Ladyboy. But he way he looked down on her and and how he made fun of her made me loose my politeness and I told him to fuck off and called him an asshole.
He might have been drunk, but even then he has no right to disrespect a person on the ground bei it a ladyboy, boy or girl.
But when I turnde around I gladly recognized that not all people around the world are like this – at least in Thailand they are not, as my paramedic friends carefully refreshed her with a wet towel and gave her a massage in order to bring her back to life and grace.


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