Ladyboy Hot Spots in Bangkok

Somehow it`s strange. I have been living in different parts of Bangkok during the last years and it seems like the density of ladyboy prevalence is not everywhere the same.
Around the Victory Monument are definetly a lot. Sometime it`s difficult to spott hem/us but we are there. I had not been aware of this myself, but on Loi Kratong night – the romantic Festival of Lights at the end of November – It´s THE night vor all transgender girls to dress them up full gear and go out. That had been relly amazing as you could see in all Sois beautiful angels in long dresses and perfect make-up.

Later I moved rather to the outer ring of Bangkok to Suanluang area. I lived there for one year and I never saw a ladyboy in the whole neighborhood. So I was alone. This had been neither a disadvantage nor an advantage. But it was strabge as I was used to stumble every 10 minutes upon a sister back were I lived before.
Now I live pretty close to Khao San Road the notorious backpacker trap. Over I I can count to 10 and will see another ladyboy. And we know each other, so every minute I meet another friend an chat with her. Even in my condominium there live at least two teenage ladyboys and there are some more younger boys who have this definetly as there future.


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