Ladyboys and violence

During the past weeks I recognized again that there are some Ladyboys out there who don`t hesitate to use violence to settle an argument. It`s not that I had not known before. Those incident will most often happen in the red light industry rather than in everydays life. No need to tell, that this field of business is pretty tough and one got to be strong to survive and send some money home to he poor families. Drugs don`t help much to create a balanced mind.
I know that writing these lines won`t help much to tear down those cliches the world has on Thai Ladyboys. But it would be dishonest and not authentic I we would not mention this facette of Katoey life as well.
I guess the worst fights occur between Ladyboys. Just a couple of weeks ago I have been threatened myself with physical aggression without any reason but managed to escape.
Yesterday I came past another scene of Ladyboy violence where one of the contrahents was heavily bleeding from a wound in her face.
To see and experience that, makes me really sad. Instead of sticking together and supporing each other (like me and my friends do) they harm each other.
But what are the triggers for that?
First of all, even in Thailand growing up as a member of the third sex is emotionally hard to take. In the West support by a therapist is mandatory but over here in Thailand backup by family and friends is the only help one can expect. Most of the times evereything works out well and the young katoey can grew up just as happy as other girls. But for some childhood turns out to be hell. Not only that they never get the support they need but they also get obstacles thrown in their ways. No doubt that this can lead later to a behaviour that hurts others and themselves.
Also, Ladyboys know what it`s like growing up and living as a Ladyboy. So they know were to find the weak points in other Katoey. If there`s an argument they know which words to use to really hurt the opponent which will often lead to an escalation.
The reasons as manifold as with men and women.
When they tried to attack me the last time I am proud to say that I had been for jealousy ;-).
Some think of us as mythical creatures but we are humans like everybody else, though some of us rather look like angels.


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