Ladies and Gentlemen: Kate!

Time again to introduce another friend of mine: Kate: I have been knowing Kate only since the beginning of this year, but during that time we have become close friends. I guess that from all my friends she is the most loyal one who will never let me down. She comes originally from Udon Thani province in the northeast of Thailand but lives right now in Bangkok. During the last weeks she has been commuting between her home there and Bangkok as she is doing a training as a professional masseuse.
Kate has some fetish about tidyness. A couple of weeks ago she came over to my place on Sunday and helped me to clean my room. Up to that day I had never seen somebody cleaning even the walls with the vacuum cleaner. But I can`t complain. After one hour my apartment was as clean as an OR in the hospital.
As she lives close to the party center, she is almost always alvailable for a fun night out.

It`s always good to have her coming with you as she is one of the most loyal friends I have and she would never let me down. For a ladyboy that might be even more important than for other people. Going out together as some kind of team watching each others back, hair and backup is important. Sometimes when weg go out together and meet foreign men, sit down with them and chat I feel kind of sad, that her ability of speaking English is rather limited. That`s sad because her jokes are great and in Thai language she has a lot to say and a really surprising knowledge about the world and how things work in it that a lot of other people have not.


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