Insulted by Post

In Thailand it does not matter if you already have had your sex reassignment surgery or not. Nobody cares how much you are a women and how long you lived that way. You could be a female top model and a women since your late teens with all surgeries that are possible – still you would have a male Thai passport. And this will mean that you will have all you documents issued like for male.

And every month you will get your phone and electricity bill send to a “Mr.”
I cannot tell you how much that sucks.

So when I have the Chance I will fill out all forms for new contract myself an clearly write “Miss” as my title. But if you just have to send a copy of your I.D. card to the one you are making a contract with, there will be a “male” on your I. D. and therefore you will be male on every bill that you receive.

That is so incredibly degrading for me. Also last time I stood next to somebody who wrote my name into some book that was something official but not THAT official. He asked me what to write and I pointed to the title of another girl whose name he had written before – “nangsao” (Miss).

He just ignored that and that hurt me a lot. Some time ago, I read in the press that someone proposed to address us ladyboys officially as “Miss”. That would have been so nice as it shows that we are accepted also s part of the society and not only as beautiful doll in Thailand`s Cabaret shows and rather clownish characters in TV shows.


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