Lesbian Ladyboys?

A nice anecdote of an occurence that happened to me already a year ago:

I went to the island Ko Chang in the Gulf of Thailand to meet some friends. But the night I arrived there, I was told that my friends were still on the mainland and would only come to the island during the next days. As I did not knew how to spend my time I sat down on one of the bars along the road that runs all along the western coast of Ko Chang. The girl behind the bar was a Ladyboy, too so I started chatting with her in Thai as casual as we do among each other.
I ordered a beer and asked her when her shift would end and if she wanted to go out for party later as I did not have anything else to do. But for some reason she was exceptionally reserved and refused to go out for dancing.I could not get my head around that as I never seen a sister that would not start immediately chatting and laughing with me.I finished my beer and went off to another bar.The next day my friends arrived and at night we went out to party at the clubs on Lonely Beach.The taciturn Ladyboy from the night before came with us but this time she was just the wy everybody else was. We danced, laughed, drank and chatted in Katoey language.
It was only then that one of my friends told me that she had though I was a lesbian girl as she had not recognized me as a Ladyboy and of course was confused about my talking to her. Then it dawned on me that the night before I had just worn my hair hidden under a baseball cap and my dress and make up was just the way I had travelled all the way down from Bangkok.
Still, I am not sure if this was a compliment or not. I mean it is nice if even my fellow sisters thinks of me as a girl but somehow there remains a bad taste with this. I guess I will keep it like it like what it is: A nice anecdote.


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