Ladyboy Immigration

Usually you don`t need your passport too often. In fact you only need it at the borders and immigration offices. As I don`t hold a Thai passport I spend some time of the year with immigration officers. Most often - though it`s a little complicated – it is fun: my passport says something different than my picture. And also all those who wrote the reference letters for me did not know what I am. So this leads me almost every time in the situation where the offices get really confused with my passport. Strange thing is, that they are really willing to believe rather what they see standing in front of them and on the picture rather than in the entry for “Sex”.
I just came back to get me a Visa and also the clerk at the Thai embassy would not believe in my passport. But Thai people are very easy going and even when they ask me directly in my face I don`t bother because they don`t mean it in a bad way. Actually, I should let them do what they think is right but I am scared that I will get trouble at the border s the visa stuff is the only thing where I write what my passport says.

Once I was travelling from Hong Kong to Macau and also got in a little trouble with the immigration. The lay behind the desk resolved the case and told me that I had to check my passport at home as it obviously had a misprint.
I year ago I was travelling with my friend Opal to Europe. Of course she had to get her a visa. I went with her to give her a little backup because she thought it was impossible for her to get the visa.
At the embassy I was informed by the clerk that my friend`s passport said that she was not a born girl. “So am I”, I said and we got the visa. Sometimes I think it might be a little advantage to have a discrepancy in your passport. It confuses the officers and they forget to think of how they can trouble you this time.


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