Ladyboys and Education

A couple of months ago I read in an enlish language blog about an english teacher who described her experiences with ladyboys in class and their attitude towards education. The teacher wrote that most of the ladyboy students picked up the english language much quicker than their born-female or male classmates.
Her explanation for that phenomenon is that even though Thai society is quite liberal concerning the "Third Sex", ladyboys have still to struggle hard for recognition and jobs. Therefore they have to be tougher and better educated than others, says the teacher.
I am not so sure if this is a sufficient explanation. In fact, I think there are some more factors to it. But it's somehow true - more often I am impressed by knowledge,discipline and attitude of a "sister" than by anyone else.
One of the factor leading to this surely is talent: Everybody knows about the two halfs of the brain, one of which provides talent for logic thinking i.e. maths and technology. This part of the brain is better developed with men. The other part of the brain supports fine arts, emotions and language etc. That part is rather prevalent with women and of course - ladyboys. This means we might be just talented with learning languages. People who have already traveled to Thailand might have recognized that many transsexuals working in tourism speak quite good english.I also have a ladyboy friend (Her name's "Am". I will introduce her in a couple of weeks - she's really cute) who can learn a new language in only a week so far that she is able to communicate with native speakers.
To give a balanced view I have to admit that I also know sisters who don't have any language talent at all and hardly speak a word other than Thai although they have been working in guesthouses and restaurants in tourist areas for years.
Another point might be that ladyboys are already at a young age pretty aware of their tasks in life. They start much earlier to be responsible for themselves and develop a disciplined lifestyle earlier than other kids. Of course this works prettty good in school. It is just that we learn early in life how to work towards a goal that will be achived later.
And of course most of us are pretty smart anyway :-)


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