Ladyboys and Drugs

At least once a week one can read about another Transsexual arrested in Pattaya for drug possession. Of course, this does not put the Thai Ladyboys in a good light and makes it look like Ladyboys and drugs inevitably belong together. Certainly, this is not true by no means. Almost all the other Transsexuals that I know, aren`t like that – they don`t even smoke cigarettes. But of course, I also met some that are not like that. But I don`t have any connection to that. Drug possession is punished very hard in Thailand, so you better stay away from anybody related to drugs.
But why are Ladyboys in connection with drugs so present in the daily press?
First of all, to refer to Pattaya: Everywhere where many people are around and where a lot is happening also crime and criminals are much more present. Accordingly, the number of involved Katoeys is higher, too.
Another reason might be, that a lot of Ladyboys are involved in prostitution. And of course, the environment of prostitution is generative for crime, violence and last but not least drug abuse.
Poverty and self-doubts also contribute to Katoeys trying to flee the dull and seemingly hopeless everyday life into inebriation.
In the past the common widest spread drug had been an amphetamine, which is called “Yaa Baa”, the “Crazy Medincine” in Thai. Recently, also “Yaa Ice” is spreading in Thailand. A nightmare, because it is nothing else than Crystal Meth, a drug that displaced the already demoniac crack and which has even more devastating side effects on its consumers.
“Ice” creates addiction quicker than hardly any other drug. The damages on the organism show up much earlier than with other drugs. The body is detoriating rapidly.
Over here in Thailand rehabilitation is almost not available. And stopping on one`s own is almost impossible.
Still, the problem is rather the surrounding than the people. The Ladyboys living in the poor north eastern part of Thailand, Isaan, are poor, too. But they still don`t smoke “Yaa Baa”. Society over there accepts them and they are highly integrated in the social structure. Hardly someone is alone and lonely with his problems over there. Unlike the girls in the streets of Thailand`s tourist cities.


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