Solidarity among Ladyboys

I just came home from work and when I walked into my apartment building I saw another person way in front of me. Still, when I arrived at the elevator this person was waiting and kept the elevator´s door open for me. She was a ladyboy, too.
Of course, this is not real solidarity by the true meaning of the word but rather a favor.
And I find this kind of favors pretty often among us ladyboys on many occasions where other people just don´t care. Like guarding the toilet door in a club, when the lock is broken and helping each other.
I really enjoy and appreciate these small favors and I try to help other sisters out as often as I can. And I am not talking about close friends but about strangers who just happen to be of the same sex (the third sex) like I am.

Of course there are also others who take every chance to take advantage of others, but they are for sure a minority among the minority that we are.
Almost everytime I meet people somewhere and they have another ladyboy in company we feel some kind of connection to each other even though we have never met before. I think this is because we know that nobody understands us and our feelings and lives better than another ladyboy.

This sometimes leads to the situation that we start surrounding us only with other ladyboys and isolate ourselves from the other “normal” people. But we should not do that since we are normal, as well and part of the society. Distinguishing between “us” and “them” puts as in a position where we certainly don´t want to be as we as the minority only create an unnecessary disadvantage for ourselves.
But I have to admit I did exactly that when I was younger. Maybe just because I was young then and the solidarity among other ladyboys was comfortable and made me feel more secure. Now I don´t do this anymore. In fact, all my friends are no ladyboys and have no connection to that. I am accepted and I feel pretty normal and as secure and comfortable as I felt before with my sisters.
Just once in a while I miss it to meet other people of my kind and behave and talk more ladyboy style and about ladyboy stuff. But that is alright and I can allow that to myself.


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