Highschool Ladyboys

From next week on the school holidays start in Thailand. During many Thai schools organize holiday trips to national parks or the beaches.

During the holidays I am working as a tour guide tutor for these kind of high school tours. For me it is a lot of fun and I can get out of Bangkok. I love to entertain the teenagers and we are joking a lot.

Most of the tours have at least 100 students so the chance is very high that there are some Ladyboys amongst them. At the age of 14 this is not so obvious but since I am a Ladyboy myself I can quite easily spot them. Of course I don´t let them know, that I know and never treat them different. Just yesterday I came back from another tour to Samut Prakan province. I had two Ladyboy students who where 14 or 15 years old. They definitely showed Katoey behavior and they were very proud of what they are.

On the Bus I let all the students introduce themselves and the young sisters had big fun and would not stop their show until I took the microphone from them.
Later on the first day we visited some memorial site. The tour guide showed the around and then asked the students to pay respect to the site´s Thai national flag. He told the teenagers that the boys should salute and the girls should curtsy. This left the two Ladyboy youngsters in my group pretty confused and they asked what Katoeys should do. I did not hear what he replied because I had to do my curtsy then, but I guess they did a curtsy and a salute at the same time because all the other kids suddenly cracked of in laughter.

For the whole tour they were always in the center of the events and wherever they were it was always a lot of screeching and singing. I did not hang around with them to much because I did not want the other kids to believe that the Katoey students where priviledged only because their tutor was Katoey as well.
I am not a Bangkokian and where I come from there are much more Ladyboys in the highschools .

In the Thailand we have school uniforms and school haircuts. Girls are not allowed to grow their hair longer than to the shoulders and boys have to have short hair sometimes even a crew cut. But nobody can stop the Katoey students from wearing lipsticks and eyeliner which looks really pretty funny.


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