Victoria and Opal in Laos

I was just organizing some pictures on my computer today and found some pictures of me and Opal when we went on a trip to Vientiane, Laos.

Opal went to live back in her village to help her old grandmother and we don’t meet so often these days. Still. She is my best friend. We had really big fun and moving around in Vientiane is quite easy for us because we have many Katoey friends over there.

Right on the first day we got us traditional Lao skirts and then spend the day screaming around the city and trying to be as chaotic as possible. The nights we spend with extremely good dinner and then hit the bars, where the boys would provided drinks and music. And of course we were dancing big time.

Opal is now in Korea and I really miss her. She calls every week but we are both pretty busy. Maybe I will visit her next month. Or at least I will go to her home town and see if everything is alright over there.

Opal in Vientiane

Victoria and Opal in our friends bar

Opal teaching a foreign girl traditional Lao dancing

Me, myself and I singing to the sound of the guitar

Opal pretending to be a bar girl



Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi, I just started reading your blog yesterday and find it very interesting and informative. Thanks so much for posting.

Ishkandar hat gesagt…

Looks like fun!

Dick Rick hat gesagt…

Very good blog with lots of information. I just find having the date of the blog would be good. At least we know if the news is new.