Ladyboys forced to wear pants at Thai University

Suan Rajabahat University rejects request to wear uniforms matching their orientation

The rector of Suan Dusit Rajabhat University Siroj Polpanthin consideres it "inappropriate" for Katoey students to wear female outfits at their commencement ceremony.

If the university granted the request, then female students might want to dress in male clothing, Mr. Siroj said. He added that universities had been very liberal with the ways their Katoey students dressed.

Jeeradech Usawasdi, rector of the Thai Chamber of Commerce University, who said he was personally against “cross-dressing” at the commencent ceremony, added that dress regulations had failed to be enforced and many universities now permit cross-dressing.

Students had a freedom to dress as they want, but there were certain limits.
The leader of the Cross-Dresser Network of Thailand, Yollada Krirkkongsuanyos, who had forwarded the request, commented, that the ban would hurts the feelings of students who should be allowed to look according to the way they feel.


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