Miss Tiffany Universe 2010

And the winner is...... Number 26!!!

The really cute 19-year old Nalada “Mick” Thamthanakom.

Beauty contests are big events in Thailand. Even the tiniest villages in the North-East send their girls and Ladyboys to participate in beauty pageants in the district capitals on Loi Krathong festival every year.

Most of the Ladyboys in Thailand took at least once part in such a contest.
The idea of these pageants is not exactly only about offering a stage for the most beautiful but for everybody.
I remember standing on the stage of a beauty contest a couple of years ago next to a really fat and old and not so gifted transvestite. I think she even won a price for “nice try”.

Picture: daylife

The organizers of the big Miss Tiffany Universe contest define their show as to promote a positive image of transvestites. And I think they really do. Most of the girls participating come from good families and live decent lives. They are the complete opposite of what most people expect to see when they talk about Ladyboys.
In fact, these pageants are to create “kwaam suk” –happiness. Watching nice people, dressed up in colorful robes, dancing gracefully and saying charming things. People are allowed for one evening to forget about the struggles of their everyday lives and watch young beauties who struggled hard themselves and some of them succeeded.


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So lemme get this straight, its transvestites and not transsexuals?