Third Sex Name Tags?

This was sure good news for many Ladyboys in Thailand: A new Thai airline announced that they would also accept applications for air hostesses from Transsexuals.
One of the first applicants was the winner of the Miss Tiffany Ladyboy Beauty Contest of the year 2007 Thanyarat "Film" Jiraphatpakorn.
P.C. Air Executive Peter Shan said they will undergo the same air-hostess training as their female colleagues and will then wear “third sex name tags” to avoid “immigration issues”.

Miss Tiffany 2007: Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn

Among the first round of successful candidates for the job were 17 women, 10 men and three transsexuals.

A great thing since many of us have been dreaming about those jobs for quite some time, but have been rejected so many times.

But: What exactly are “third sex name tags”? And why? And what immigration issues?
In Thailand it is common to always add a Mr. (Naay, นาย), and Mrs (Nang, นาง) for men and women. Since bureaucracy is merciless when it commes to that, Transsexuals get a Mr. in front of their name on their name tags. I have always hated it and it took me always not longer than 5 minutes to storm into the next 7-Eleven storm, buy a pack of razor blades and scrape the “Mr.” off my name tag. I’ve already posted a piece on how embarrassing these titles are for Ladyboys in Thailand.

Because even in Thailand, wgen people are trying to treat us politely, they will address us as “Miss” which goes down very well in my opinion since must of us are unmarried females – the group for who that title is usually designed. But that is sure not a “third sex” title. In fact I don’t want to think of how these tags might look like: “Mr./Ms. or “Transsexual …”

And what are “immigration issues”?

I have traveled a lot and still do and I have never experienced any problems, since border police never checks what is written under “sex”.
In fact, only one time in Hong Kong a female police officer had told me that there was an “M” printed in my passport and said I should have that mistake corrected, which I found very amusing.

So far, I had not been able to find out more about that P.C. Air, nut I’d really ask one of their PR-Agents how they plan to implement these “third sex name tags”.
By now I could not find them on Google, but in news articles about their hiring transsexuals.

So far great PR!


SFChris hat gesagt…

I agree. It's unfortunate that they almost got it right but then somehow needed to cater to some craven transphobes who felt like they needed a way to id these new tg air hostesses. No one needs to know anything about what's in your pants (well, except the TSA, possibly but that's another story) to serve you coffee, tea or milk. I also travel with my tg girlfriend all the time and while there are some hair raising moments we've never had a problem either. "Immigration issues" sounds like a euphemism to justify their lingering transphobia to me.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello There, I'm from germany and cant believe how nice this thailandian Ladyboys can be.
I was in Thailand and saw some live. Uffff tricky situation the firsttime but since I was
in Thailand (Pattaya) I was contineously interested in that phenomena...
...and can say just one thing: it is no coincidence that the result is so good, because
compared to so many real (or better...born) woman for this ladyboys the wish to be a women
and to get accepted as a women and not as a thing or boy is so strong that the effort to appear as a and be a women is much higher, more professional, more detailed.
They spend more effords to be a woman like many born women.
To supersweet TREECHADA PETCHARAT I found e.g. this interesting Thai-TV-Report on You-Tube:

but when you look at Youtube and google also for Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn you see the next example - 1005 authentic women
her wishes shall become true.
And befor I forget to mention:
If a ladyboy is so female I ask myself why I should feel gay?
I mean even apart from Make-Up: look and this fingers, this
tender hands, the legs, little noses, checks, necks... many born ladies have something not female on themselves
where I think, if I look there on details I would feel earlier as a gay and find easier someething unfemale!
Thus what's the story about making
such a fuss about, that their are
born Men when they are already more
women than others! What are you looking for or...what makes you
so unsadisfied when se result is
so good and authentic and the
character so sweet and really
girl like!
I mean, M(r)s Treechada or Thanyarat look 100% estetic, not one hint confuses or comes across disgusting and/or unestetic.
Thus I see no problems in that what they are, and you my dear reader should ask yourself in case you can't understand me: Do you confuse some childish carneval transvestites with such perfect results + personalities?
...100% percet authentic and outperforming even real women easily?
Or is it the fear that you might
be accused as gay althought this
argument is refuted by the real diva-female character
Sincerly your W.M.
(I'm a real man non gay, but openminded by thinking and loving personalities)