Career Step Stones of a Transsexual Beauty Queen

At had been a big success for Treechada Petcharat (ปอย รีชฎา) who is known over Thailand (but at least in the Katoey community) as Nong Poy (น้องปอย). Not only did she win Miss Tiffany’s Universe transgender beauty pageant at age 19 but also the title as Miss International Queen – both in 2004.
Usually, winners of beauty contests are carted all across the country where they absolve various promotional functions for a couple of months while their publicity is constantly fading until they disappear from the public awareness and continue to live rather common lives.

Not so Nong Poy. Even though her peak of publicity is over for almost six years she is still very present in Thai everyday life and has performances on a regular basis.
Her latest and probably one of the most regarded appearances had been just in the beginning of this year, when Nong Poy played in a TV commercial for the Thai telecommunications company G-Net.

Many years ago –it must have been 2005 – Ploy had one of her first appearances in the Doo Ba Doo music video for the then very famous song Mai Chai Poo Chai (I am not a man). A song that me and many transsexuals in Thailand liked a lot in those years and Ploy playing a love sick maid in the video was big fun.

Watching the Doo Ba Doo music video first and the the G-Net commercial you may recognize how Ploy and the role she plays have changed. From a rather slap stick staging (a role that many Katoey are playing in Thai shows) to a triple A, completely feminine beauty advertising high-tech communication services.
Great progress, considering how many one-time-starlets a vanished even quicker than they had appeared.

There is much more on Ploy to tell and show and I will create some more blog posts on her no that I have her introduced to our valued readers :-)

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