Poy Treechada (ปอย รีชฎา) on "Recent" Magazine Covers

Since those magazines have both been published a year ago, I found it appropriate to use quotation marks around the word "recent". But as far as I know those cover pictures have been the latest big appearances on major magazin covers (I found some others but in too poor quality to show them to our sphisticated readers :-)
The first one is from health magazine. The story on the inside had the title "Born to be Poy" and had been written in the style of a success story about Poy's life and her career.
The second cover picture was in a free issue of a lifestyle and city magazine of the Bangkok-based English language newspaper Bangkok Post. As you can read the title of the respective story was on international "Third Gender" people and Kathoey in Thailand. Unfortunately, I could not get hold of one of those issues. Might have been interesting to read a Bangkok Post editor's view on the Third Sex. It is remarkable though, that they picked most feminine Poy to represent the Ladyboys of Thailand. Rather inadequate as she is one of Thailand's beauty queens for a long time already and definitely above average. On the other hand it is unfair to her to still only reduce her to her being a transsexual. She has a proper career and a loving boyfriend and is hence way more successful than many Thai starlets.

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