We got mail!

Oh, we definitly got some Mail recently. And it piled up quite a lot in my mailbox. 
Truth to be told, I had neglected this blog during the last few months as I was not sure if it was worth breathing new life into it.
But as mentioned above a look into my blog's mailbox smoothed out these doubts rapidly.
I spend all this afternoon replying to the mails I got and activating the comments made to many of my blog posts.

After that, just to make sure I was not misinterpreting all those emails I checked the stats of this blog.
Much to my amazement I found out that this blog reaches thousands of people every month even though I had not provided any new content in it for almost a year.
A closer look at the figures unveiled that the numbers of readers have been surging especially during the last couple of months.
These numbers are congruent with my general observation that transgender topics are spotlighted much more than they were a few years back.

So far the majority of our (and recently only my) post had been dealing with transgender/ladyboy issues geographically reduced to a few Asian countries and particularly Thailand. Obviously, this facet of trans life in Southeast Asia is still fascinating for many people out there. Still it does not show the full picture.
During the last years transgender people in Western countries -in the US i.e. Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and Carmen Carrera-  have ascended and are now representing the many perspectives of transgender topics such as advocates, writers, wives, actresses, producers, parents, founders and public speakers.
I appreciate this development a lot since I always considered the general view on transgender matters too limited to our beauty, our sexual attractiveness for some and the fact that we are tolerated,  
accepted and natural part of many Southeadst Asian societies. As for me, this limited picture has always been too small and incomplete. Therefore I had been indecisive wheter to keep up blogging or not.
Now three things happened that contributed to my decision to continue this blog:
  1. The progress of trans people I see in Western countries is encouraging and now or never is the time to tell the world about transgender life and our point of view on things regarding us. That is exactly what we intended and have been doing with this blog during the recent years, so it's almost mandatory that especially now when an awareness for trans life is rising we girls keep up our writing about it.
  2. The surprising reception of this blog and it's promising recent trend. There is nothing bad about writing just for yourself. Only that it's then unnecessary to publish it on the internet and to check grammar and spelling. But since I've got so many honestly interested and earnest emails I sense some kind of demand for a blog like this even though I know there are hundreds of trans blogs out there. But perhaps none exactly like ours.
  3. @Tender_Jess
  4. Yes, I used the word ours in the last paragraph. I have mentioned before that I have been left as the only remaining contributor to this blog in the recent past since our team of authors had gradually disintegrated. It would have been unnatural if it had not happened with the years as we were all young girls with different layouts and plans for our lives. Now, I am happy to introduce my sister Jess to you who is not only an exeprienced writer, a transgender advocate and role model but also a feast for the eyes.
Together we are determined to publish more frequently and increase the variety of our topics. While still keeping the blog's core target on displaying transgender life, we will line up our topics also internationally as we don't want to restrict ourselves just to Southeast Asia. In addition, we will brush up this blog's layout a little as it is still from the last decade, include a working Twitter widget and go more multimedia that this blog had been so far.

You can also find us on Twitter at @victoriabkk and @tender_jess. Comments and ideas about this blog go as usual to victoria.phettisaam@gmail.com

Stay tuned and drop by once in a while to watch the progress. 

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